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Because abortion is illegal in Texas, you may consider going out of state if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. This is an important decision, so read the following to know what facts you should gather to choose a pregnancy path for you.

Confirm Your Pregnancy Status

Before making plans to go out of state, you’ll want to confirm your pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test. These are available at your local drugstore, or our center offers free tests.

Even if you have a positive pregnancy test, you still may have a miscarriage if there are detectable hCG levels. After you’ve tested for pregnancy, you’ll want to ensure it is still viable. Up to 26% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, which is not treated with an elective abortion. An ultrasound will determine whether your pregnancy is growing normally.

Clarify Your Pregnancy’s Location

After you’ve confirmed your pregnancy status with a positive test, you’ll also want to gather more information via the ultrasound.

An ultrasound will give you a digital image of your pregnancy and confirm the location. This is essential to rule out health complications such as an ectopic pregnancy, which is a serious health concern and is not treated with an abortion. 

Know Your Pregnancy’s Age

An ultrasound will reveal your pregnancy’s location and viability and help you know the gestational age. This will affect what sort of abortion procedures you’ll be eligible for.

For example, a medication abortion is only FDA-approved before ten weeks gestational age, which may factor into any plans you make for traveling out of state.

Schedule Pregnancy Services 

Hope Women’s Center offers confidential pregnancy services such as pregnancy testing. Our medical staff will determine whether an ultrasound will be performed.

Going out of state for an abortion can have a steep financial and emotional cost, so it’s essential to do due diligence and ensure you have all the facts before making plans.

We are here to help provide medically-backed and accurate information about your pregnancy and local resources available to support you in a compassionate, judgment-free environment.

You are not alone. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

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