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You may have many questions about abortion and women’s rights in the current climate of post-roe. The overturning of Roe v. Wade has impacted women’s abortion rights, as it’s now up to the states to decide abortion laws. 

If you are navigating an unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone. Know the facts to make an informed decision for your future.

The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

June of 2022 changed everything when it comes to abortion access in the US. The US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a piece of legislation that made access to abortion a federal right in the United States. 

The overturning of this law deconstructed 50 years of legal protection and paved the way for individual states to legalize or ban abortion.

Abortion is now banned in many states, with about 13 states currently banned. The fight over abortion continues in many states right now.

What Does This Mean for Texas?

In Texas, the abortion trigger law was put into place. Abortion is completely banned, with no exceptions for rape or incest. 

Before An Abortion

If you live in Texas, you may be considering traveling for an abortion. Before you go, be sure to verify your pregnancy with a pregnancy test, receive an ultrasound, and test for STDs. All three of these steps protect your health, as your safety is the most important thing.

Abortion procedures and their associated costs are determined by how far along are in your pregnancy. This information is critical in your research as you make the decision for what’s best for you. 

At Hope Women’s Center, we offer lab-quality pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and STD testing by medical staff at no charge to our patients. 

Be prepared. Be informed. Schedule an appointment today at Hope Women’s Center.

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