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You’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, but the thought of walking into an abortion clinic is making you second guess your choice to have an abortion. Many women find themselves in this exact situation and it may feel tempting to seek alternative routes, such as ordering the abortion pill online. While this may seem like a simple choice, ordering the abortion pill online can lead to serious health complications and risks.

Before ordering the abortion pill online, consider these facts:

Could Possibly Not Be FDA-Approved

We’re used to ordering just about everything online; however, we should pause before we consider buying medication from unknown sources. The main reason for this is that medications, including Mifeprex (the abortion pill), should be vetted and approved by the FDA before consumption.  

While the abortion pill has been approved by the FDA, it can still be accompanied by severe side effects and risks. Abortion pill medications offered online are likely not approved by the FDA and could lead to more serious complications. If you’re considering the abortion pill, it’s vital that you first discuss your health conditions with a medical professional.

You May Be Too Far Along

Before accessing the abortion pill, online or in-person, it’s important that you receive an ultrasound scan to determine the gestational age of your pregnancy. The abortion pill is only available in the first 70 days of pregnancy, according to the FDA, and taking the medication past this point could result in an incomplete abortion.

Incomplete abortions are abortions in which fetal tissue is left in the uterus, potentially resulting in infection, sepsis, and internal bleeding.

You Have Other Options

If the idea of walking into an abortion clinic sounds intimidating, you may want to consider the other options available to you!

Imagine walking into a welcoming, friendly environment and receiving free services in a safe and confidential space. Hope Women’s Center offers just this!

Not only will you feel welcome and comforted, but we also provide helpful resources such as pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, STD testing, referrals, and more! Our center is here to help you better understand your pregnancy and make the choice that’s right for you! 

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