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If you and your girlfriend are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering the abortion pill, it’s essential you both take time to learn about the costs and regulations surrounding the procedure.

Here are a few commonly-asked questions regarding finances and the abortion pill: 

Will my insurance pay for my girlfriend’s abortion pill?

Many men whose girlfriends are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy ask whether or not their insurance plans will cover their girlfriend’s abortion pill. The short answer? No, your insurance will not cover any of your girlfriend’s medical costs, including abortion.

Most insurance plans will allow you to add dependents to your coverage. But because there is no legal obligation between you and your girlfriend, she is likely not able to be added to your plan.

Additionally, the state of Texas restricts any insurance plans from covering abortion procedures except in the cases of life endangerment or the severely-compromised health of the mother.

How much does the abortion pill cost? 

Because of these regulations, you and your girlfriend can expect to pay for the abortion pill out of pocket. The average cost of the abortion pill is $535 and can be performed up to ten weeks past gestation

In addition to the cost of the procedure, you and your girlfriend should also consider putting aside money for items like pre-abortion screenings (lab-quality pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing, and more), follow-up appointments and medication if needed, and potential surgery and emergency care if abortion complications arise. 

Where can we find affordable pregnancy healthcare? 

If you and your girlfriend are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be worried about access to affordable healthcare within your budget.

Hope Women’s Center is here to help you by providing free pre-abortion screenings, including pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, STD testing, as well as information and resources regarding each of your pregnancy options. 

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